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For years, Full Tilt's principal - and almost the only - point of sale "Playing with professionals - learning it from the professionals", which proved to really be very efficient, and that's probably the reason why Full Tilt in to this day this sales strategy remains. But nowadays, Full Tilt Poker is much more than an online poker room in the world's most famous poker pros every day against people like you and me. It was. Become a kind symbol of resistance to the offensive UIGEA, as they still accept players from the U.S. This fact also contributed to the huge explosion in numbers of players at Full Tilt, making it probably the greatest existierenten poker room in the world.It has tables with the highest stakes in the business and if they believed that $ 30-60 is a lot, then they may want to know that Full Tilt Poker and $ 500 - was $ 1,000 tables, which is something that no other online poker room itself can afford. Full Tilt Poker It is needless to say that Full Tilt's software is one of the best in the business. Why is that? With so many regular and professional players at the tables and a management that is always sounds like helpful suggestions of these people, it makes sense that they have one of the most efficient and fully optimized Gebraucher interfaces in online poker. Graphical interface that looks good and although the comic cartoon characters to look at the beginning a bit unusual, they are, once they have got used to the whole thing a bit, but find pleasure in it. The lobby looks so pretty as at other online poker rooms. Nevertheless, Full Tilt has made in respect of a few small, but significant improvements. Tables, play in which members of Full Tilt Professional teams are highlighted, so you can easily determine where the "real action" is going. Resizable tables, the multi-tabling easier. The arrangement of the tables on the computer screen can be saved and the next time he / she decides to have to play again, again loaded as it will not have time to waste with settings. Full Tilt Poker Promotions and Best Bonus Full Tilt is not a member of any poker network. It uses its own operating software and is not subject to emergent network requirements. That is probably the reason why they can offer their players some of the best bonuses and promotions. The 100% match on first deposit up to a rather generous amount of $ 600 is just the beginning. The ease in which these bonuses can be cleared increases, the value even further. Since Full Tilt Rake gedealte practicing, they get a Full Tilt Point for every dollar of rake even if they just sit around and mess around with their cards, without the pot to pay it. Although the the loose-aggressive players are not very help, it is certainly of great help to the weak-closed players. Each such point is worth $ 0.06 of the bonus and the bonus is released $ 20 at a time in your real money account. This means that they are probably $ 20 from bonus alone can earn by playing less than 2 hours at a single table. No matter how you look at looks, it's definitely a good support. You are their bonus before they know it all, have free, because tournament fees is worth every minute. Every dollar they spend on tournament fees, brings them a 7 Full Tilt Points. If they can not afford to invest a large sum to the same beginning, then they are not worried. The sums in which the bonus is released 10% of the deposit amount that states must not necessarily its $ 20, but it can also be less. Full Tilt Poker Tournaments The Full Tilt tournament schedule is similar to the agreement, which they found in other poker rooms, very, with the difference that Full Tilt's tournament bigger and better than anything else out there, in almost every way. Sit & Go tournaments are very popular and even though most people play Texas Holdem when the maximum of $ 33 in buy-in is reached, there are SNGs really low buy-in as the monster $ 2200 + $ 50 where to play the big boys. Another excellent thing about Full Tilt's SNGs is that you do not have long to wait in line, even if it HORSE or some other exotic form of poker, is that he or she wants to play. I think that this benefit is automatically when it has to do with the popular online poker room. When it comes to multi-table tournaments, Full Tilt Poker will not let them down too. Every 15 minutes, starts a new MTT and it will be distributed weekly about $ 5,000,000 in guaranteed prizes. Buy-ins start at a few dollars thug end and go up to $ 550 and include a wide range of online poker players. Full Tilt Poker Offers Since it is an independent poker room, Full Tilt can afford its players some pretty special and unique promotions to have come to enjoy good. It is the only top online poker room to offer rakeback to players. Inferior in this case no network needs to have help to do Full Tilt all that they deem necessary in order to keep their players warm. Some of their more unique offerings are the weekly $ 750,000 guaranteed MTTs and the monthly guaranteed $ 1 million. Note that it is constantly Satellites and qualifiers for these events. Events such as the Full Tilt Online Poker Series run all the time and no matter what real money play to take part, he / she will always earn Full Tilt Points during the game. These poker points are useful for different purposes. You can purchase items from the Full Tilt shop that sells not only useless frills, but also books, CDs and DVDs that can be used to improve your own game. Full Tilt Points and entry to give the players some action point tournaments and satellites. Full Tilt Poker Support Currently, Full Tilt Poker to only e-mail support, which is frankly less than I would have expected from them. The problem with e-mail support is the following: most of the problems have to face online poker players will be resolved immediately at the same moment. Problems that are not solved immediately tend to demotivate people in the poker room to play, since it is nothing more frustrating than to have to wait a few days if you're already prepared and ready to actually enter the table. The response time for Full Tilt's email support leaves a lot of room for improvement. A kind of live support should be purchased as live chat or phone normally pose an immediate solution to game-related problems and are the e-mail support in every way. 72 hours have to wait an awfully long time to be on an email which probably so why need some answers that are sent back and forth.

Player / Users Rating: 10/10

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